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     SmartPlan brings over two decades of healthcare and equipment planning experience to your project.  With the equipment knowledge and industry contacts, SmartPlan can lead your team through the medical equipment planning process. Throughout our history, we have completed projects that range in scope from total hospital replacement, major renovations, outpatient surgery, imaging centers and more.
     SmartPlan’s project deliverables will support the team in providing a project that meets the clients concerns and budget objectives.  We utilize a dynamic software product that captures the significant project data and provides detail project information to the various team members.  Throughout your project, SmartPlan is committed to
supporting the owner, architects, and contractor’s requirements.  Continuous communication is fundamental to keeping the project on schedule and within budget. 

    Smartplan understands the architectural project design process and the equipment specifics necessary to support this process.   A properly designed Medical Equipment Plan makes a lasting difference to the success of your Healthcare project.
If you are considering a healthcare project let SmartPlan assist you with Equipment Planning requirements.  We provide needs assessment, realistic budget estimates, project planning, coordination, procurement documents, and ongoing project support.  By utilizing SmartPlan you will achieve a higher level of competency by allowing each of us to perform expertly in our core areas of service.

For additional information, please contact SmartPlan at (812) 944-9605

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